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Bob Wood

Kindle Edition
335 pages
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 About the Book 

John Coulter Sage was born on a horse ranch in southeastern Arizona in 1851. His father was an ex-mountain man and Army scout who built and operated the ranch with a Mexican partner. His mother was a Chiricahua Apache. Sage was raised in all three cultures.Sage went to sea when he was sixteen, and was shipwrecked off Okinawa, where a Buddhist monk befriended him. He was taught to fight and think.This is a tale of Sage’s adventurous life as an Apache youth, cowboy, sailor, Mexican Vaquero, drover, deputy sheriff, and much more.Bob Woods fast-paced Western epic of John Coulter Sage--orphaned half-Apache, cowboy, gunfighter, jack-of-all-trades--is sure to please Old West fans. - the Publisher